Angel Pig
Angel Pig
Angel Pig in Animated series!
Some attributes
First He is King Pig's sun
Second He died in a battle to take the eggs
Third He helps the Angry Birds
Other attributes

Angel Pig is an alie in Angry Birds Epic: Daily Life. He also arears as an alie in Angry Birds Epic: Animation Series.

A note...Edit

He is the final boss in the Angry Birds Epic: Angel Pig's revenge, the second game of the Angry Birds Epic: ....'s Revenge game series.

Daily Life infoEdit

Angel Pig is obtained after beating Kingarang and Mystery Pig's helper (In level 200 of Journalist Parkour Area). He is a mighty helper of the birds and can heal birds easily.

Another Version of Angel Pig

Daily Life ClassesEdit


Birdhelper is the first class of Angel Pig.


  • Snack Attack: Deals 30 damage. Target is stunned for 2 turns.
  • Health Help: All birds take 60 damage every two turns.
  • 90 degrees: Rage Chilli. All birds take +140 damage.
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