Big Bork aka Fat Pig is a pig in ABEMR. He appears as a normal pig in ABEMR.

Fat pig

Big Bork's look in an ABEMR teaser.

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Angry Birds Epic : Monty's RevengeEdit

Big Bork appears as a normal pig in this game. He deals a lot of damage to birds. His first appearance is on Hog City Castle.

Angry Birds Epic : Daily LifeEdit


Angry Birds Epic : Monty's RevengeEdit


Fat Pummel

Deals n damage to a bird 5 times. The targeted bird will be stunned for 2 turns. Charge 2 turns.


Call Pigs

Calls 2 Tiny Fat Pigs. Charge 2 turns.



Attacks lower than 1245 will be ignored.

Angry Birds Epic : Daily Life Edit

Animated Series Edit

Angry Birds Epic : Monty's Revenge Edit

Big Bork appeared in the ABEMR Animated Series. He protected the Hog City Castle in an episode.

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  • Unknown

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