Branch Pig is a pig created by Bad Piggy 9000. It is a pig in ABEMR.
Branch Pig

Powers Edit


Powerful Poke

Deals 1099 damage to a bird.


Stick Help

Calls 2 Stick Pigs.


Anti Stumble Chilli

All pigs that has a Stumble Passive Ability will no longer stumble.

Animated Series Edit

The Branch Pig is one of the pigs that appeared in the episode Through the Dark Prison. The Branch Pigs are protecting Piggy Mc Cool's cage.


  • Evil (Most)

First AppearanceEdit

Through the Dark PrisonEdit

In this episode the Branch Pigs are protecting Piggy Mc Cool's cage. Also the Branch Pigs defeated Red. Chuck defeated all Branch Pigs in this episode.

Last AppearanceEdit


Trivia Edit

  • The Branch that this pig is holding isn't really a branch. It is a log. The pigs did not know its a log so they just called this pig Branch Pig.