Crab Pig is a pig created by Bad Piggy 9000. It is a pig in ABEMR.

Character (3)

A Crab Pig

Powers Edit

Crab Pig Level

A Crab Pig in a level


Crab Slash

Deals n damage to a bird five times.100% chance to stun the targeted bird.


Crab Help

Calls 2 Tiny Crab Pigs.


Dirty Tricks

Immune to harmful effects.


Animated Series Edit

The Crab Pigs appeared in an episode of Season 9 of the Animated Series.

Personality Edit

  • Evil

First Appearance Edit

Power of the Crabs Edit

The Crab Pigs are the antagonists in this episode. In this episode the Crab Pigs tried to defeat the birds but the Crab Pigs are defeated by the Mighty Dragon.

Trivia Edit