Diamond Pig is a pig created by Bad Piggy 9000. It is a pig in ABEMR. Please make Bad Piggy back.
Diamond Pig

A Diamond Pig


The Diamond Pig is a pig like the Golden Pig but gives more Lucky Coins and gives Essence of Friendship. This pig comes to the island everyday like the Golden Pig but this pig hides in a place. You need to find it in the whole Piggy Island.

Diamond Clouds Edit

Sometimes Diamond Pigs are in the diamond clouds. The Diamond Clouds appear rarely. Diamond Clouds are always wave battles. There are different kinds of Diamond Pigs in there.

Powers Edit


Die - amond

Deals n damage to a bird. The targeted bird will be stunned for 1 turn.


Hard Headbutt

Deals n damage to a bird. The targeted bird will be stunned for 2 turns. Charge 2 turns.



Drops different kinds of currency when hit.


First DayEdit

4 Lucky Coins, 5000 Snoutlings and 5 Essence of Friendship

Second DayEdit

6 Lucky Coins, 10000 Snoutlings and 10 Essence of Friendship

Third DayEdit

10 Lucky Coins, 13000 Snoutlings and 12 Essence of Friendship

Fourth DayEdit

16 Lucky Coins, 15000 Snoutlings and 15 Essence of Friendship

Fifth DayEdit

18 Lucky Coins, 18000 Snoutlings and 17 Essence of Friendship

Sixth DayEdit

19 Lucky Coins, 19000 Snoutlings and 19 Essence of Friendship

Seventh DayEdit

25 Lucky Coins, 25000 Snoutlings and 25 Essence of Friendship

Animated Series Edit

The Diamond Pigs appeared in the episode Diamond Meets Gold.


  • Unknown

First AppearanceEdit

Diamond Meets GoldEdit

The Diamond Pigs met the Golden Pigs and decided to team up to defeat the birds. Can the birds defeat them and get their Snoutlings back?

Last AppearanceEdit

Diamond ArenaEdit

The Diamond Pigs tried to ruin an Arena Battle.

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