Infenite Peg is a peg mayde bay Goody Bird 0009.

Powers Edit


Unsto - Mill

Deals 52777777777777777777777947895793758u9748937698789758978973975897u89437897568768793479579873975979743968497978936985764868978749837486857973907590 x 72874897927836498738467597984273985798730957947983097095797359730 damage to a bird. Stuns all burds for 784879878i29878793878974897590783979537498759754897597 turns.

PIg Heal

Ultra Heal

Heals 10000 health.



Nowe won ken damege thes peg.

Animated Series Edit

Da Infinite Peg niver apeare pn anw epwisod of da animayciun siwis.

Trivia Edit

  • Thos ks a coke awtiquel pweas tayke thlis searusly.
  • Des es da bewi fiwst coke awtickle un das wibi?
Something 40 This article is intended to be a joke. Please do not take it literally.

Real Infinite Pig Edit

The Infinite Pig is a new pig in Angry Birds Epic : Monty's Revenge and it is added in the Ultimate Update. It is the boss of a Secret Level called Infinite Doom.

Attacks Edit


Killin' Shot

Deals 5000 damage to a bird.


Infinite Posion

Deals 1 damage to a bird. The bird will deal 500 damage everyturn nonstop.

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible to defeat this pig without using any Mighty Eagle's Favorite Dishes.