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Welcome to Angry Birds Epic Fanon Wiki, where you can share your own ideas of birds, pigs, games and more. Please read the rules first before creating or editing pages. 


Here are the notes from the main admins on this wiki.

A note from Capt'n Pig.

Ahoy there! Please do not vandalize on this wiki, as it be for all wikis. Same with spamming. If ye want to be a part of the crew of this wiki, go ahead! Nobody be stoppin' ya from that. Ye can make yer own birds, episodes, games, or other things! Also, please don't be mean or harass other users, or make other people feel bad about their creations. If ya understand all of these rules, welcome aboard, matey! Have fun, and if ye have any questions just ask me on me message wall! O\(o o)/X

A note from Bad Piggy 9000.

Oink! Please help us make this wiki better. Also help us advetise this wiki. Thanks! I hope you will have good time in this wiki! (oo)

A note from Silver the Falcon

Hi! I hope you like the wiki! You can create articles but about Angry Birds Epic (fanon) games or characters. Also, don't add too much categories (e.g. 10). That's all! Enjoy your stay here!

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Main Templates

Use these templates for your articles, or other articles. They will come in handy. You can copy these, then paste them into the source mode on an article.
{{Joke Article}}
This is what they should look like:

Something 38 This article is a stub. Please help this wiki by expanding it.
Something 40 This article is intended to be a joke. Please do not take it literally.
Important Icon This article's quality is low, but not low enough to be deleted. Please help clean this page up by correcting errors.
Important Icon 2 One or more of the pictures on this article is very low quality. Help this page by uploading a better quality image.
Yellow ExclamationThis page is under construction. Please do not delete this article or mark it as a stub.

Featured Article

Angry Birds Epic ASFP

The Logo of the Animated Series!

Angry Birds Epic : Animation Series

Angry Birds Epic: Animation Series is the new Angry Birds Epic Fanon Wiki TV show (With different games from the wiki), focusing in Angry Birds Epic Battles, in form of a story.

Games Used

Read more at the Angry Birds Epic : Animation Series Page!

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