My Throne is the very first episode of the Angry Birds Epic: Monty's Revenge Animation Series.

My Throne
My Throne! (Click to zoom)
Episode number 1
Air Date 4/6/2015
Created by Bad Piggy 9000
Game About Angry Birds Epic Monty's Revenge
Birds N/A
Pigs Monty, Minion Pig, Helmet, King Pig
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N/A Through the Dark Prison

My Throne Title Card Concept

Toons.Tv Description Edit

Oink! These pigs are getting worse. But why is there no birds?

Plot Edit

Monty lets his minion get King Pig's crown. When he got his crown he stole King Pig's Throne! The King, Prince, Piggianna Jones and the Friendly Minion tried to stop Monty's plan but they failed because they are captured!

Later the Cactus Knight commands the Cactus Pigs to destroy the birds and steal all their stuff.

At the King's palace , Monty steals the King's crown and ruled all Bad Piggies.

Later Piggy Mc Cool spied Monty. He saw what he had done. He walked and passed a lot of pigs. They captured him and put him in the Pig Prison.

Characters Edit

  • Monty
  • Minion Pigs
  • Helmet
  • King Pig
  • Prince Porky
  • Piggianna Jones
  • Cactus Knight
  • Cactus Pigs
  • Piggy Mc Cool
  • Big Pig

Errors Edit

There are no errors in this episode.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • It is the very first episode with no birds on it!
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