Snowball Thrower is a pig created by Bad Piggy 9000. It is a pig in ABEMR.
Snowball Fighter

The Snowball Thrower

Powers Edit


Snowball Throw

Deals n damage to a bird. There is 70% chance to freeze the targeted bird.


Ultra Snowball Freeze

All birds will be frozen for 3 turns. Charge 3 turns.


Dirty Tricks

Immune to harmful effects.

Animated Series Edit

The Snowball Throwers are seen in the episode Mega Freeze.


  • Evil (All)

First and Last AppearanceEdit

Mega FreezeEdit

In this episode Snowball Throwers are the main antagonists. They defeated Bomb, Red, Matilda and Waluigiw99 Bird. But the Snowball Throwers are defeated by the other birds. But the birds turned into ice blocks

Trivia Edit

  • This pig's name was going to be Snowball Fighter but it was changed to Snowball Thrower.