Whip Pirate is a pig created by Bad Piggy 9000. It is a pig in ABEMR.

Whip Pirate

A Whip Pirate

Powers Edit


Whip Crash

Deals n damage to a bird. Target will take more damage for 3 turns.


Triple Whip Attack

Deals n damage to a bird. Target will be stunned for 2 turns. Charge 2 turns.


Dirty Tricks

Immune to harmful effects. Attacks lower than n will be ignored.

Animated Series Edit

The Whip Pirate appeared in an episode of Season 2 of the Animated Series.

Personality Edit

  • Evil

First Appearance Edit

The Pirate Crew Edit

The Pirate Pigs decided to attack the birds. can the birds survive the massive pirate attack?

Trivia Edit